Catalogue Specialist

Colombo, Basnāhira paḷāta, Sri Lanka · Catalogue


JadoPado is a marketplace where people around the world come together to buy and sell great stuff!

We're looking for passionate individuals to join our highly literate catalogue team, based out of Colombo. The ideal candidate is a progressive thinker who will be responsible for crafting beautiful content and working with various teams across the organisation.

In this role, you will be responsible for creating great product content and maintain a rapidly growing catalogue.

As a Catalogue Specialist, you will:

1. Undertake meticulous online research
2. Understand business context and how great product content informs engagement, conversion and sales
2. Write keyword rich content in clear, easy to understand language
4. Edit, proofread and discover the magical ability to correct your own work
5. Keep on top of a fast changing internal environment and adjust your strategies and activities accordingly
6. Work with all internal teams and champion a high quality content culture
7. Ensure that everyone is blown away with their JadoPado experience

You'll experience what it is like to work in a fun, entrepreneurial and fast paced technology business.


A Catalogue Specialist must:

1. Have at least 6 months experience in a content role
2. Possess excellent written and verbal skills in English
3. Ideally have previous experience in a startup or an established e-commerce business
4. Be obsessive about correct grammar and punctuation
5. Be able to take on lots of responsibility, juggle deadlines and push for outcomes
6. Deliver no matter what it takes
7. Be lots of fun to work with!


A Catalogue Specialist will receive:

1. Unlimited leave
2. Tax free pay!
4. Incredible co-workers (yes, really!)
5. Competitive pay
6. Flexible working hours
7. A great work environment

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