DevOps Engineer

Dubai, United Arab Emirates · Engineering


JadoPado is a marketplace where people around the world come together to buy and sell great stuff!

We're looking for an innovative DevOps Engineer to join our engineering team, based out of Dubai. The ideal candidate is a progressive thinker who will be responsible for delivering projects across a multidisciplinary and cutting edge stack.

Engineering at JadoPado

Our product team combines design, front-end and back-end development. While specialisation is important, we prefer cross-functional teams that can take on any area of our product, at will. Our most effective people work across design and implementation, making the best technology decisions to build incredible products.

We aim to strike a balance between skilled senior engineers together with aspiring junior engineers, eager to develop their skills. We prefer not to hire directly into people management roles for our engineering teams and choose to grow leaders from within our organisation. Career progression doesn't necessarily mean managing people as our senior engineers influence far more than just engineering decisions.

We believe that JadoPado is the right place to carry out career-defining work.

As a DevOps Engineer, you will:

1. Manage source repositories and deployment
2. Contribute to our architecture as we grow whilst recognising the importance of agility, stability and availability
3. Build, support and manage projects across the organisation
4. Provide infrastructure updates, outage updates and performance metrics on a regular basis
5. Work with an agile, globally-distributed team and be able to harness constructive feedback
6. Be proud of what you work on, while obsessing about the quality of what you produce
7. Have regular opportunities for career growth. We're constantly growing and forming new teams while reshaping existing ones. We have a bias towards internal promotion into leadership roles
8. Ensure that everyone is blown away with their JadoPado experience

You'll experience what it is like to work in a fun, entrepreneurial and fast-paced technology business.


You don't need to be intimately familiar with any of the technologies that we work with. Great people are effective at quickly learning what we use or introduce us to new ways of working.

Having said that, we think a DevOps Engineer should:

1. Have a BA or a BSc in Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent
2. Have at least 5 years' experience working in-depth with Linux
3. Have extensive experience with NGINX, Redis, HAProxy, MySQL and ideally, Percona
4. Have extensive experience with Linux security settings and tools such as IP Tables, UFW and others
5. For bonus points: have expert knowledge of tools such as Chef, Puppet and Ansible
6. Have experience in a test-driven development environment and architecting large applications
7. Ideally have previous experience in a startup or an established e-commerce business
8. Be creative as well as ideas and data driven
9. Be able to take on lots of responsibility, juggle deadlines and push for outcomes
10. Have great written and verbal skills in English
11. Deliver no matter what it takes
12. Be lots of fun to work with!


A DevOps Engineer will recieve:

1. Unlimited Leave
2. Tax free pay!
3. Awesome equipment that will help you build great things
4. Incredible co-workers (yes, really!)
5. Competitive pay
6. Flexible working hours
7. A great work environment

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