Technical Writer

Colombo, Basnāhira paḷāta, Sri Lanka · Content


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We're looking for passionate individuals to join our highly literate content team, in Colombo. The ideal candidate is detail-oriented with excellent writing skills and the ability to understand and translate complex data in a user-friendly format. In this role, you will be responsible for understanding complex web engineering processes and producing documentation that explains developmental and operating procedures in a clear, easy-to-understand language.

As a Technical Writer, you will:

1. Undertake meticulous research on web engineering processes
2. Observe production, developmental and experimental activities to determine operating procedures and detail
3. Interview engineering personnel to obtain an in-depth understanding of the developmental processes and other underlying mechanisms
4. Identify the most effective ways to explain and illustrate processes in both text and visual formats
5. Create and maintain information architecture
6. Write content in clear, easy-to-understand language
7. Edit, proofread and discover the magical ability to correct your own work
8. Work with all internal teams and champion a high quality content culture

You'll experience what it is like to work in a fun, entrepreneurial and fast-paced technology business.


A Technical Writer should:

1. Have prior technical writing experience in computer engineering or similar fields
2. Possess excellent written and verbal skills in English
3. Have a BA or BS in Technical Writing or a related writing field, such as journalism OR a BSc in Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent
4. Demonstrate the ability to quickly grasp complex technical concepts and make them easily understandable
5. Ideally have previous experience in a startup or an established e-commerce business
6. Be obsessive about correct grammar and punctuation
7. Demonstrate great attention to detail
8. Be able to take on lots of responsibility, juggle deadlines and push for outcomes
9. Deliver no matter what it takes
10. Be lots of fun to work with!


A Technical Writer will receive:

1. Unlimited leave
2. Tax free pay!
3. Awesome equipment that will help you build great things
4. Incredible co-workers (yes, really!)
5. Competitive pay
6. Flexible working hours
7. A great work environment

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